Friday, March 21, 2014

My Small Dreams

This is my small dreams that I had written for Youth Competition for Disaster Education :)

As a young woman who care with the environment and living in the country with a huge potential for natural disasters, I have a dream to make a better disaster and spatial management for Indonesia. This is because Indonesia still not good at disaster management while the spatial management is still a mess. Especially in my original place, Province of Nusa Tenggara Barat, as compared with other province in Indonesia, the disaster management of Nusa Tenggara Barat is so far behind.

I want to work as a lecturer and a researcher in the field which mainly concentrate on earthquake disaster management  and geosciences. That way I can apply the knowledge and technology that I learned not only in laboratory but moreover could be applied in the communities. I want to make people aware that there are natural disasters around places  we live and thus we should be able to deal with it. I think nowadays there is should be a shift in people’s thought which usually not think about the risk of natural disasters to be more prepared in dealing with it.  In addition, I have a dream to continue my study to the PhD level in Germany. I want to learn more about geophysical, geo-information and conduct a research in the state that strongly support the development of geosciences as in Germany.

I am a person who loves to write, I hope someday my writings could be published into a book, either in the form of fiction or science. It  must be very nice seeing my name on the cover of the book. In addition, I would like to write a book about disaster education specifically for children, using the language of the children so that they can easily read and enjoy, because children are the groups that most vulnerable to natural hazards. With the disaster education books for children, they are expected to know much more about the natural disasters around them and gain knowledge about natural disasters from an early age as well as increasing their reading passion.

Have free reading and learning parks for the children and the community are also one of my dreams. Because I see children’s enthuasism in reading is still lacking and there are still many illiteracy among the elderly, especially in Nusa Tenggara Barat. I hope with the existing of a reading and learning park could facilitate the children to enjoy reading and at the same time  help the government in eradicating illiteracy.

To fulfill my dreams and expectation, I choose to keep learning, reading books and discussing. Also joining student organizations to enhance skills in organizing and socializing. Other than that, I also add my experience by attending various activities to increase knowledge and expand my network which of course could support my participation in society one day.

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